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Technology By The Numbers

Fascinating presentation by Jonathan Reichental, entitled “Mind-blowing, world-changing technology* *by the numbers.”

The numbers give you a sense of the enormous impact technology has on the world.

Social Networking and Mobile Phones

While reading Here Comes Everybody, I highlighted a passage where Clay Shirky makes note of the fact that the phone is:

increasingly capable of sending messages and pictures to groups of people, not just to a single recipient (the historical pattern of phone use).

Having been using an iPhone 3G since the day of its release, I [...]

Following Friends and Strangers

One of the more intriguing aspects of Twitter is the way they chose to describe relationships among people on their messaging network. Rather than using the conventional term “friends,” they chose to call people “followers.”
That was a unique insight in modeling social networks that is starting to be adopted by other services as well, [...]