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Hack the Debate

The debate is on, and set to start at the top of the hour!
Current is doing something interesting this time around, inviting people to Hack the Debate by posting messages to Twitter during the first 2008 Presidential Debate. Current will the overlay messages from the backchannel on their live broadcast. To participate, just [...]

Following Friends and Strangers

One of the more intriguing aspects of Twitter is the way they chose to describe relationships among people on their messaging network. Rather than using the conventional term “friends,” they chose to call people “followers.”
That was a unique insight in modeling social networks that is starting to be adopted by other services as well, [...]

A Twitter-like Flickr

Dave Winer outlined his latest Twitter mashup today. It alerts the followers of his Twitter stream whenever he uploads a photograph from his iPhone to his stream on Flickr. A Twitter for pictures, as he exclaims.
His mashup demonstrates the power of simple APIs and data formats. It combines RSS 2.0, a specification [...]

Twitter and TinyURL, Useful Together

Twitter’s popularity has been increasing at an astounding rate, with a recent steep ascent attributable to the SXSW Interactive Festival. All of this attention has people debating the merits of the service.
Regardless of the outcome, Twitter is fun. It spawns projects like Prom Queen, a popularity contest based on your number of followers. [...]


I’ve added Twitter to my website!
Twitter is a nice little service for posting short updates about what you are doing. You can send messages in by txting from a mobile phone, instant messaging from AIM or Google Talk, or posting on the web. Groups of friends can keep in touch by receiving notifications [...]