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Server Migration Complete

For the past week, I’ve been encountering issues with the server that hosts my websites, including the site you are currently reading. After unsuccessfully trying to diagnose and fix the problem, I’ve upgraded to a new server and migrated all services and data to it.
I’ve been meaning to upgrade my server for some time, [...]

Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1

I’ve finally upgraded the WordPress installation powering my weblog to 2.3.1, the latest available version. I was previously on 2.0.4, which, originally installed over a year ago, was archaic in Internet time.
I used the opportunity to factor out some of the elements of the website into WordPress plugins. That involved some interesting under-the-hood [...]


I’ve added a Flickr widget to the sidebar on the main page of this site.
As most people are aware, Flickr is an online photo sharing service. It has a lot of really nice features that make sharing photos both fun and easy. One of those features is the ability to post by email, [...]

Scrobbling with Last.fm

I’ve added a Last.fm widget to the sidebar on the main page of this site.
Last.fm is a social music recommendation service. When you listen to a song in iTunes, or any other popular media player, it is recorded in your profile. They’ve dubbed this action “scrobbling.” Based on other people with similar [...]


I’ve added Twitter to my website!
Twitter is a nice little service for posting short updates about what you are doing. You can send messages in by txting from a mobile phone, instant messaging from AIM or Google Talk, or posting on the web. Groups of friends can keep in touch by receiving notifications [...]